At GNH, there are set of guidelines for Board Members and employees with respect to transactions in GNH shares as well as securities of the parent company, subsidiaries and associate companies (where applicable). This policy is reviewed periodically as part of Company’s Corporate Governance Manual and revised in accordance with the latest/updated versions of the SCA’s “Regulations as to Disclosure and Transparency” (where applicable). As per the policy, an employee who is familiar with the important, confidential/ undisclosed information which may have an impact on the market share price has been classified under the category of “Restricted Person”. Accordingly, Board Members and Company employees are not allowed to trade in GNH securities during blackout period (or restricted period) as defined by the SCA rules and regulations.

The Company has formed a committee with senior management employees to review and monitor the insiders’ shares trading (of board members and employees) on an annual basis (or when needed).

The Committee comprises of 3 members:
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Al Afifi – Chairman
  • Mr. Yazan S. Maragha – Board Secretary – Member
  • Mr. Nader Muqbel – Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications – Member
The following tasks have been performed by the Committee during the year 2021:
  • Maintenance and regular update of a statutory register of insiders.
  • Formally intimate the insiders of the relevant closed periods to ensure that no trading is done by them during restricted periods.
  • Obtained declaration from the insiders and the other staff on their shares trading, on an annual basis.